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The Eco Helpline has been established to promote environmental best practices in the tourism industry and beyond, in an easy to understand, and simple to implement manner. As the Eco Course is totally free, there is no reason why everyone in the world involved in tourism cannot participate, learn, and make a difference.

Recognising the high cost and high importance of staff 'eco' training, the founders of the Eco Helpline, Lise Tyrell, Jem Winston and Hemant Thite , all had a similar vision of helping accommodation providers make small changes at their establishments to make them a little bit or a lot more eco friendly.

By making our training course absolutely free of charge, we ensure access for everyone.
The Ecohelpline is a partnership of experienced industry leadersfrom a range of areas across the ecotourism and renewable energy spectrums:

Lise Tyrrell, Managing director of Eco Tropical Resorts, based in the United States. Travelling experiences sparked her interest in eco tourism, which in turn led to the idea of compiling a directory web site for eco lodges. She developed an Eco Rating for hotels to fill out and get a score as to how "eco" they were. This helps guard against "greenwashing". The Eco Helpline modules are based on the Eco Tropical Resort’s butterfly club eco questionnaire, which was designed by Lise, in collaboration with Jem Winston. For more details visit

Jem Winston, Managing Director of Dominica’s 3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge. The eco lodge has won numerous international awards for its environmental Best practices and community tourism projects. Jem is also the Director of Education at The Sustainable Living Initiative Centre (S.L.I.C.) Dominica, offering community workshops in renewable energy and assisting participants with funding to purchase their own systems. For more details visit , , and

Hemant Thite, Managing Director of Biogas Helpline. The Biogas Helpline is based in India and is part of REGEN Energy, Singapore. It has been formed to promote and develop biogas as an important renewable energy source. The Biogas Helpline provides online support for queries, funding, partnering, consulting and courses. For more details visit

Tapping in on the expertise and experience of its founders, the Ecohelpline will also be offering greening advice and tips for your hotel, home or other business. We also offer eco consultancy services for tourism eco best practices, and renewable energy planning and installation services for all forms of renewable energy, including, BioGas, Solar, Wind and Hydro.



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