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After you have taken our free basic eco courses, you will have a good understanding of the kinds of changes that can be made, and projects that can be implemented to make a real 'Green' difference to your hotel, home, business or community.

Our advanced courses will explore, in great depth and detail, the topics mentioned in our free modules Teaching about design, implementation and sustainability. Once you have graduated one of our advanced modules you should be ready: Your next step will be to implement your ideas.

At the moment, The Ecohelpline has one of its advanced modules ready for you to try and it's on sale right now at half price!


Module Details Course Fee Fee Payment
Solar Wind and Hydro
Course covers: Solar PV, Wind turbines, Hydro turbines, System design, calculations and wiring diagrams
US $50 on sale now!


The Ecohelpline solar, wind and hydro advanced module, is just one of our Energy modules in the Advanced level Eco course. More in the Energy line are being worked on and will be posted when available.

Each module will be priced for the extremely low rate of only $99 (US). We want everyone to be able to afford our "greening" classes. In the near furture more advanced modules will be available covering the following topics:


1. Energy
2. Water and waste water Management
3. Green building and Nature conservation
4. Community
5. Environmental Management

These advanced classes will be a valuable asset to add to your personal or hotel resume, giving you real hands on practical skills to use in every day life.

Contact us for more details and course schedule.
Registered users will be notified by email. The advanced course option will be displayed on your coursehome page as soon as it is launched.

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