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Eco Helpline has launched Planet Earth's First totally free Eco Course for hotel executives and staff. This is the first time hotel employees will get free training in Eco Best Practices. A unique opportunity for hotel staff to get a personal Eco Rating.
We plan to reach out to the Owners of Hotels, Resorts and Lodges and their few hundred thousand employees, who are interested in learning about Eco Best Practices to make a difference to their hotel.

We expect a large audience from the hotel industry to visit our website and attempt the course. Hotel industry stakeholders like hotel associations, manufacturers of appliances, devices and equipments for the hotel industry and the home, hospitality management schools, and hospitality events will greatly benefit from advertising at the Eco Helpline.

Promote your Eco products and services on our exclusive Eco Products webpage. Display photos of your products and links to your website. Get your product reviewed by our expert.

As well as being great publicity for your business, your money is put to good use.
The Ecohelpline offers free eco training to those who often could otherwise not afford it, and advice on fund finding to help individuals attend our more in depth international workshops, in which you would be welcome to participate as a proud partner of the Eco Helpline.

Your advertisement can be displayed on any of the following pages on our site:

1. Index page
2. Eco Course page
3. Eco Consulting page
4. Eco Products page
5. Registered user's course homepage

And also on our partners' websites for additional fees,,

Come, be a part of Eco Helpline and reach out to the Hotel industry. Kindly contact us for our media kit and rate card.

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