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Eco Consultancy Services
The Eco Helpline provides support for eco-conversion or design of your Home, Hotel, Resort or Lodge. Our consultancy service is divided into two parts,
1. Design, develop, implement and continually evaluate, Eco best practices,
2. Train your employees to understand, implement and be part of your business's Eco best practices

Delivery of Service
1. Web based
2. On-Site

Web based services include providing online support for suggesting and implementing eco best practices. We understand that most hotels are trying to develop eco practices and may need just a little support.

 Start with our free online eco best practices course. It is short and will give you a quick start in the Eco direction.
 Next step are the Ecohelpline Green Leaf Advanced training modules. They will empower you to do almost all the green changes needed for your lodging. Including, but not limited to, measuring a river for hydro, calculating how many solar panels to buy, and implementing award winning community projects at your hotel.
 If you want us to write training sessions for you to hold at your establishment, we can prepare it for you and send it to you with all the necessary information for you to teach the class yourself.

Our global network allows us to provide you with 24 hrs. of online support.

On-Site services include making a customised plan to green your hotel. We will visit your premises, study consumption and usage patterns and suggest the right Eco practices. We will also conduct training sessions for your staff, to ease the implementation process.

We can also visit your place and help you set up your community tourism or nature preservation projects, helping organise with your communities and ensuring the project is sustainable, both financially and personally for all involved.

Whatever the size of your project, we offer a range of tailor made consultancy services to suit your every needs, from a quick e-mail or skype chat, to on your property consultancy, installations and training, to our own international workshops which aim to educate and assist worthy causes simultaneously.

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Telephone: 916-838-1525
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Our regional offices
Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge
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Tele : 1 767 446 1886
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Biogas Helpline
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