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The eco modules have been designed to help hotel owners, executives and staff understand the basic concepts of eco best practices. By studying this course you can make a difference to your hotel. This course consists of 5 modules, Energy, Water, Nature Conservation, Waste & Recycling and Community Development.

1. Water Module
The water module highlights the importance of water conservation. The module will provide many suggestions to reduce water consumption as well as some interesting ways of reusing water around your property. Also learn about rain water harvesting as a method of reducing your dependence on public water supply, and rivers and wells.

2. Energy Module
This module will help you understand energy consumption, and the importance of recording and monitoring. You will learn about practices that can greatly reduce energy consumption. The module also highlights the importance of renewable energy and explains how they can replace fossil fuels in hotels, leading to substantial monetary savings.

3. Nature Conservation
This is the module where you can find out how to preserve the flora and fauna of your establishment's natural surroundings and beyond. Help preserve the local ecosystem.

4. Waste and Recycling
This module will give you an understanding of waste management at your hotel property. In this module you will learn how to reduce waste and some innovative and useful ways of reusing and recycling.

5. Community Development
The community development module takes the eco practices beyond the hotel property into the community. Learn how you can make a difference to the community through community development initiatives, and how those projects can also benefit your business. The community develpment module takes the eco best practices beyond the hotel property into the community and involves local people in development initiatives.

Course delivery
The course is completely online. You should first register for the course. Registration is free. After registration you will be taken to your Course Homepage. On the course homepage you will see all the 5 modules with a default score for them. To start your eco course, click the 'Launch' link. A pop-up window will appear with your course text. Disable pop-up blocker if you are unable to view the course contents. You can attempt these modules in any order.

The modules have an objective test/assessment at the end. The scores for the test will be displayed on your course homepage. When all 5 modules have been attempted, you will get the course status. So go ahead. Take the free course and get the eco edge.
Our Advanced Eco Best Practices Course leads to Green Leaf Advanced Certification. Click here for Advanced course details.
Advanced Eco Best Practices Course
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Green Leaf Basic Certification
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Green Leaf Basic Certification
The Eco Helpline Green Leaf Basic Certification is issued to successful candidates of the Eco Best Practices Course upon request.
The certificate link will be visible on your course homepage after you score at least 60% in all modules.