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Find the eco products you will need to green your property here, from solar panels and other energy alternatives to cleansing fluids to body care. Any product or event promoted on this page is genuinely making a contribution to sustaining our earth.

 Florida Eco Products
Florida Eco Products has water conservation products, solar products, and other hard to find items.
Website: Florida Eco Products

 Solar Electric Boats
This is the future of green boating. Solar powered recreational boats are now a reality. Perfect for touring protected waterways without any emissions or burning expensive, non-renewable fossil fuels. For eco lodges that want to take the next step in sustainability.
Website: Solar Electric Boats

 Coal Pot Soaps
The Coal Pot Soaps - hand made in Dominica. They are all natural, biodegradeable soaps and other all natural body care products. As well as being great for your body, and feeling fantastic, the soaps are packaged using recycled paper and printing is done with soya bean ink. Truly eco.
Website: Coal Pot Soaps

tick Golden Fuel Systems
Golden Fuel Systems sell complete kits to convert almost any diesel vehicle to run on used vegetable oil. A simple system, installed in a day, can save you thousands of dollars and is good for the environment, reducing harmfull emissions. Learn how to use the kit in our advanced level energy classes. When making purchases please give promotion code 3CFRSH, and mention Ecohelpline to get FREE shipping.
Website: Golden Fuel Systems

tick Energy Systems & Design.
A canadian company making micro hydro turbines for large and small scale application, including the LH1000 studied in the level 2 energy module. The turbines can be factory callibrated to suit your individual needs. They offer good support.
Website: Energy Systems & Design

If you have any eco products then feel free to email us at We will be adding more eco products as we come across them so do check back!.
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